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2NE1 to perform at KBS Music Bank on 12th June

Posted by diopatra on June 9, 2009

Source: [MTV Korea]
Translated by: I♥소녀시대 @

Looks like someones got to change stages? It’s 2-N-E-1 (2ne1). After 3 weeks of promoting their latest hit ‘Fire’ on SBS Inkigayo, it seems the girl group wants a better change where success can be found. The group is said to perform for their 1st time on KBS Music Bank.

CL (Lead of the girl group) said the reason why they weren’t able to perform at 3 music stages during a week was because the manager wanted to heat up a huge response to the group. The purpose of changing music stages is to gain more fans as KBS Music Bank is usually filled with more audience than SBS Inkigayo. Having no success at winning any Mutizens and any other awards at music stages, the group decides to move to KBS Music Bank to increase their chances of winning awards. Already their competitors are Super Junior’s It’s You, Shinee’s Juliet and SeeYa-T-ara-Davichi’s Womens Generation. Let see who will take out the award this week.

2ne1 debuted for only 1 month now and they were only able to perform 3 times. There was a rumour that the girl group was suspended on KBS and MBC, theirfore they were able to only perform on SBS. After promoting on the show for 3 weeks, the group is ready for a new change.

Their agency YG-Entertainment said ‘Even if they are a rookie group, they have already been gaining a huger fanbase after being in the CF MV Lollipop with Big Bang, and the girl group also have less practice time.’

As for Music Bank, the press release that their first performance on the show will have more different costumes and now even Back-Up dancers.

Since this is their first step into a new world after leaving Inkigayo, their manager hopes that the audience will enjoy a new variety of feel.


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