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Joo Ji-hoon seeks 1 year in prison

Posted by diopatra on June 10, 2009

source: break news
Translations: dramabeans

Joo Ji-hoon appeared at the Seoul Central District Court on June 9 for a hearing after being caught using drugs (ecstasy and ketamine), where he sought a 1-year prison term and a penalty of 440,000 won.

On this day, Joo Ji-hoon, actress Yoon Seol-hee, and model Yeh Hak-young all admitted to their wrongdoing, and Joo said, “I am deeply regretful of my mistake.” In his final statements, he added, “As one person acting in one moment, I could not restrain my curiosity and ended up hurting many people. I have vowed not to do anything like this again.”

His lawyer added, “Joo Ji-hoon took the drugs while very intoxicated, and did not take any more after the incident last year in April. He had postponed his enlistment date to October 2009, but if he postpones it because of this incident, he will come back a new person after serving his military duty.”

The other celebrities caught up in the scandal sought harsher punishments for trafficking and selling the drugs on multiple occasions: 7 years’ imprisonment and a fine of 13.2 million won for Yoon Seol-hee, the trafficker in the scandal, and 5 years and a 2.26 million won penalty for Yeh Hak-young. They will all receive announcement of their verdict and sentencing at a public hearing on June 23.


One Response to “Joo Ji-hoon seeks 1 year in prison”

  1. kishi said

    I still believe that people like him need psychiatrists and doctors in rehabilitation centers not imprisonment. This is what is being done in our country,an Asian country. Just recently, our Food and Drug Office is busy recalling and testing energy drinks due to suspicion that these imported products are laced with cocaine.Just imagine if found out to be true we could have a problem with prison cells. If you watch the “Oprah Winfrey Show” a lot of Moms nowadays get addicted to prescription drugs, such that they should lock their medicine cabinets at home coz kids might get hold of it.There is also a new requirement of random drug testing in our high schools and colleges. My point is, whether taking it was intentional or not, these is something that should be settled with doctors and not by police alone.Lock-up the pushers. Its about time that this emerging problem should be faced by Modernized Nations with an open mind.

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