Confession of a Wandering Soul

Panda ambassador Song Hye-gyo

Posted by diopatra on June 10, 2009

source: no cut news
Translations: dramabeans

The actress has been named first ever goodwill ambassador on behalf of pandas worldwide (and “panda ambassador” has got to be the awesomest job title ever). She visited a panda reserve located in Sichuan, China, on June 4. The panda she is pictured holding is approximately 8 to 9 months old.

Her position isn’t solely dedicated to panda preservation, but also raising environmental awareness and promoting public interests. Song said, “I’ve seen pandas in pictures and in documentaries, but seeing one in person like this feels like a dream. This is a good opportunity and I’m happy to be even a little help.”

She added, “There are many animals needing protection in Korea as well. I have a particular interest in the Korean otter, which is a national treasure. I hope many fans in Asia will take an interest in preserving pandas and the environment, too.”


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