Confession of a Wandering Soul

Chinese Boy Band Feng Yun Surprises the Wonder Grls

Posted by diopatra on June 16, 2009

[Source: Sohu]
[Edited on: SRadioclub!]

The Wonder Girls has finally arrived in China. Being dubbed as Korea’s little sisters, the girls sparkled in their glittered dressed on stage.

The girls performed their hit songs “Tell Me” and “So Hot” before ending the showcase with their world hit “Nobody”.

Chinese fans received an extra treat when one of China’s newest boy band (or Menband) Feng Yun made a surprise appearance at the show. Not only did they perform their new song “Top Star” but the guys amused the crowd with their own dance routine for “Nobody”.

After the show, Feng Yun presented the girls with historical figurines personally handpicked by the members themselves. The souvenis are to wish the girls good luck in their overseas expansons.

The historical figurines literally simplifies Feng Yun’s wish to see the Wonder Girlscreating new history for the musi world.

Wonder Girls in returned thanked the gentlemen for their gifts and also wished them success in their promotiona activities in China.

The girls also hoped the members would come to Korea one day so they could take the boys out to dinner.


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