Confession of a Wandering Soul

[DEBUT] 4minute – Hot Issue @ MCD 090618

Posted by diopatra on June 18, 2009

as usual mnet’s sound system and lighting is bad.

hyun a’s solo dance in the beginning is a bit lame. seriously, what the hell is “hair flipping” thing. its an intro dance, atleast be fierce.

choreography is mess. they need better choreography than that. their vocals are shaky, blame it their nerves, its their debut stage. so far the jiyoon has the best vocals, the rest, they need to practice more if they intend to sing live.

i dunno if im going to thank CUBE or wanna curse them. for their poor promotion, for lame choreography (im assuming they hire a choreographer) and for not releasing the MV. they really did poor job, this girls need better promotion than this, but then again, on a brighter side, people didnt expect much, so they were not that disappointed.

i know you guys know what i mean. some group were over hyped even before debut then give a OKAY performance. the girls nearly no promotion before debut and give an okay performance.

over all its an okay performance, at least they sing it live and no digitalized voice. there’s still room for improvement and looking forward for their next performance.

Note: even WG almost if not always give just an okay performance on their comebacks.


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