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Jerry Yan Takes Away His Assistants, Improves on Interpersonal Relationship

Posted by diopatra on June 18, 2009

Source: China Times
Translation by Syyang @

Once renowned as “difficult” within the industry, Jerry has been influenced by his director and female lead co-star Ella respectively since filming [Down with Love]. He has learnt to gradually open his heart to others and he now enjoys a better interpersonal relationship. He admitted, “We (F4) rose to fame too quickly before we know how to interact properly with others. After all, not everyone can be Andy Lau or Lin Chiling. I need more time and experience to realize my in adequateness and overcome them.”

Sighed as He Realized Why No One Bothered with Him in The Past

Jerry said, in the past he lacked a sense of security and needed 3 to 4 assistants when he go filming. Now he could do everything all by himself and needed at most only 1 assistant. He can now even join the rest of the crew to squat down and eat their lunch boxes together, helped them move props around. After working together for a while, he realized the crew also appeared friendlier to him and would even take the initiative to help him block the sun. “No wonder nobody bothered with me in the past. Now I actually feel more accepted and acknowledged and liked by many others.”

Director’s Reminder on How to Be a Superstar

Jerry shared during his press conference on 17 June, one of the reasons for his change was his director’s SMS – “A Superstar must know how to bow low”. On the other hand, Ella also let him discover that even between artistes; they can really become real sincere friends. In addition, he also read a book by Reverend Sheng-Yen who helped him walked away from the period whereby he nearly slipped into depression.

Joked that His EQ is Miles Away from Lin Chiling

Jerry knew about Lin Chiling’s high EQ, “Her EQ can be considered among the top 3 in entertainment circle. I probably won’t even make it in the top 1000!” But when media said Lin had never said anything about his lacking in EQ, Jerry replied, “She did not wish to hurt me!” Having gone through all the changes to rid the unpleasant title of “difficult”, Jerry said with a smile, “I hope I can make it to the 989 placing!”


One Response to “Jerry Yan Takes Away His Assistants, Improves on Interpersonal Relationship”

  1. Leigh Wong said

    EQ in certain subjects is not the end all be all. Jerry Yan has star quality—and in my book, already surpasses 989. Go Jerry.

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