Confession of a Wandering Soul

Joe Cheng’s Name to Become a Star Sign

Posted by diopatra on June 18, 2009

Source: China Times
Translation by Syyang @

Xiao Zong Joe Cheng is celebrating his 27th birthday on 19 June and he celebrated his birthday in advance with 500 over fans (from different parts of the world) in Okinawa, Japan last week. Amongst them, the Japanese fans expended the most effort to enquire and purchased a star from the Astronomical Society of Australia (based on literal translation) in order to name it after their idol. The star named as [JOSEPH CHENG], can be seen clearly even by the naked eye on 19 June. Xiao Zong was holding onto the star’s certification and said, “I will treat this as my family heirloom and passed it on to my descendants.”

During the 2day-1night international fans birthday celebration, Xiao Zong enjoyed privileges like that of Hollywood stars and even got to be ferried on a speedboat towards the pier to wave to his fans. During the well-wishes VCR segment, his good friend ELLA teased him, “I think you were thinking of seeing pretty babes clad in bikinis instead!”


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