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What is “silent” Kara doing during the girl group uproar – “An Upgraded Kara is coming.”

Posted by diopatra on June 18, 2009


Link: newsen
Link by: anne
Translated by tinggg @

What is Kara doing during the girl group flood?

One of Korea’s 3 big girl groups Kara is preparing for their comeback in July. However, everyday the topic is discussed that versus other girl groups, they have been rather quiet in their activities. SNSD has a new album, Wonder Girls are causing a stir in their US entry, and new girl groups such as 2NE1 and 4 Minutes are catching the attention of the public, but Kara seems to be rather calm.

After ending promotions in April, all that’s been heard is that their comeback would be in the summer and nothing else, causing fans to be even more curious as to their ongoings.

Kara’s management DSP Media said on the 16th, “They are currently working on their comeback album, and the making of their title song * is near completion.”

He continued to say that Kara’s comeback will be in mid to late July. For Kara’s sake, there’s a lot of leisure time beforehand, and there’s no need to make a fuss about it. With a thick fanbase, they’re confident about their new album, and aren’t too worried about joining the girl group war.

“Kara will upgrade from their current cute and lively image with , which will strengthen Kara’s concept. Please look forward to it.”

*There’s no great translation for “이라며”-it’s simply a form of the verb “to be” and a conjunction.


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