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2AM Seul Ong, HyunAh has done a great job for her 2nd Debut Stage

Posted by diopatra on June 19, 2009

2 AM’s member Im Seul Ong sent a congratulatory greetings to HyunAh of 4 Minute for her second time debut stage.

Im SeulOng came for HyunAh’s second debut comeback stage while 4 Minute’s first broadcast was taken place on the 18th cable channel MNet M!Countdown which was previously pre-recorded.

When Im Seul Ong met Money Today Star News said “HyunAh has long prepared for this first stage and it looks like it turns out pretty well.” also, “HyunAh trembles a lot for her second time being in debut stage, however, it ends well and I feel great too”

Im Seul Ong continued “In the future,if they work hard, and being active, it will be good since they will be loved by people.” which shows his support to HyunAh.

Im Seul Ong and HyunAh met together in JYP Entertainment while they were still training together. Another 2 AM’s member, JokWon also had a telephone video call giving HyunAh a cheering message.

Meanwhile, today 4 Minute had their first stage of ‘Hot Issue’ being released to public in MCountdown. 4 Minute is scheduled to perform in KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on the 19th, MBC Music Core on the 20th and SBS Inkigayo on the 21st.

Source : Newsen ( dothat36 as news finder)
Translation : kirra12 @


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