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4minute Not Worried about Competition with 2NE1

Posted by diopatra on June 19, 2009

Five members of the new female group 4minute say that they’re not worried about competing against another recently-debuted girl band 2NE1.

After performing the group’s debut song, “Hot Issue,” in a cable music program, 4minute members said that they admire 2NE1 and it’s an honor for them to stand on the same stage with them. However, they don’t think 2NE1 as their rivals, because their music styles are totally different. The leader of 4minute, Nam Ji-hyun, said that each member of the group has a very distinct personality, which is incorporated into the songs. She told the reporters to look forward to their performances.

4minute made its debut on Thursday’s “M Countdown.” Their network appearance will begin with “Music Bank” on Saturday, followed by “Show! Music Center” on MBC and “Hot Pop Songs” on SBS.



One Response to “4minute Not Worried about Competition with 2NE1”

  1. krysti said

    mbc and sbs change their stage name? cool, i never realize it since WGs isn’t promoting anymore.

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