Confession of a Wandering Soul

Abiguity Developments; Aaron Brings Qiao Qiao Home

Posted by diopatra on June 19, 2009

Source: Yam
Translated by Cmiley @

Aaron Yan exposed taking Qiao Qiao home! Aaron is often said by others that he and the Lollipop group boys getting together, he and Qiao Qiao acting in “Love Buffet”, suddenly “changed towards” with Qiao Qiao going closer, the two are developing quickly, rumours says last weekend the two intimately were going out in Tianmu’s Sogo, later he brought her to his Tianmu home, really ambiguis.

Towards this, Arron’s manager Li says: “The two both live in Tianmu, Aaron said that day after they went out they went to his place to only eat fruits la.” Because that day the media was following the whole event, since Qiao Qiao leaving from Aaron’s place, and confronted directly by the media, Aaron was purposely planned it with Qiao Qiao? As for this, Li said: “Its not necessary for us to do this.”


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