Confession of a Wandering Soul

Taking the risk of the epidemic in Hong Kong to shoot an advertisement, Fahrenheit wear a face mask to prevent catching it

Posted by diopatra on June 19, 2009

Source Yule Tom
Translated by Elvenstar @

The amount of confirmed cases of H1N1 virus is rapidly increasing in Hong Kong, gradually outbreaks are spreading to surrounding areas. Fahrenheit yesterday (18th June) secretly travelled from Taiwan to Hong Kong to shoot an advertisement, for the whole journey the face mask did not leave them, making them fully equipped to battle with the virus! Yesterday in the early morning Fahrenheit members Jiro Wang, Wu Chun, Arron Yan and Calvin Chen travelled by Cathy pacific airline CX407 landing in Hong Kong’s international airport at 9:45, getting to the airport lobby at 10:20, where almost 200 infatuated fans who heard the news waited for their idols to appear.

Fahrenheit’s company also had prepared in advance, because knowing their infatuated fans they especially organised 18 security guards to pick them up at the airport. Receiving loads of presents to take care of their health so that it won’t effect their work, Fahrenheit’s 4 members came out to the airport lobby wearing face masks, taking good measures to prevent catching the virus. Even thought the confirmed outbreaks of the H1N1 virus is rapidly increasing, but Fahrenheit was still extremely friendly towards their fans, continuously waving to everyone and continuously receiving big and small presents from fans, the 4 members both hands full of presents looked like they had all just finished shopping.

Among them Wu Chun had the most amount, there were so many presents that he had no way to hold any more of the fans gifts, while the fans couldn’t take their eyes off the idols, many people accidentally bumped into the stone pillar, Arron seeing this held his hand to pull the fan up reminding them to be careful. The fans chased after the cars where the 4 members split into 2 cars to leave the airport, the crowd of fans had already rented about 10 or more to follow the idols. However, seen along the way the vans following the 2 cars, dangerous situations constantly occurred, not only swerving to the right and left and also from time to time crossing the double white lines, it was extremely dangerous. At approximately 10.15, Fahrenheit’s car arrived at Chai Wan quickly entering a car park of a big building, the fans could only painstakingly wait outside the building.

The reporters running into the car park, discovered the staff and the security guards that accompanied Fahrenheit to the car park, where they were unloading their suitcases out of the trunk

Apparently, Fahrenheit’s main mission is to shoot a clothing advertisement, only staying for 2 days, last night they shot until the early morning. The 4 have paid attention to Hong Kong’s H1N1 virus situation, while staying in Hong Kong, most of the time will be spent in work, it is reckoned that they will not go out, but Fahrenheit has encouraged their fans to be careful of their health and to take all preventative measures.


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