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SS501 Blockbuster music video first released through GOM TV

Posted by diopatra on June 21, 2009

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Changing into some charismatic killers, SS501’s new look will be released first through GOM TV on 22-Jun. It has been 1 year and 3 months since SS501 released their 3rd single and came back as ‘Perfect SS501’ with all 5 members united again. Before the release of their official 2nd album, ‘SS501 collection’ is released for HQ download service through GOM TV.

In the music video that SS501 members participated in, Kim HyunJoong and Park JungMin acts as killers and have car chasing scenes in the city, a sensational video that cannot be even seen in action movies. With experiences from drama and musical, it advantages the members’ acting skills and can be seen in the video set to release as a 2-part series on 22-Jun and 29-Jun. 20-minutes full version would be released through GOM TV on 6-July.

They will start their 1st Asia Concert on 01 & 02 Aug at Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium and their 2nd official album is in preparation to be released. Prior to these, they will release a special album ‘SS501 Collection’ that consists of their own solo songs and a bonus track.

SS501 collection with a more refined, luxurious music style will be available through online/offline services, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyunJoong’s songs released on 18-Jun while Park JungMin’s, Kim HyungJoon’s and bonus track to be released on 30-Jun. Afterwhich, the album CD will be released on 03-Jul.

The music video filled with the charisma of the 5 members of SS501 can be watched through GOM TV music channel (Ch200).


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