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Show Luo’s brand becomes famous; will attack New York at the end of the year

Posted by diopatra on June 22, 2009

Source: China Times
Translation: Sarah @

Celebrities having sideline professions is common, but often it’s not achieved great success. But not for Show Luo (Xiao Zhu)! Besides managing his brand Stage, recently, New York Black group C.Jump has taken a liking to Stage’s high popularity and unique design, and would like to form an alliance with Show, so to let Stage sell in New York, and even release a new larger line of 4XL! Show is flattered by this, and joked: “I have to make black people learn Chinese, so to be able to communicate with me.”

Collaboration is underway; have already discussed details

C.Jump is a rap group, and often head around Asia-Pacific to perform. They have been observing Stage for almost 2 years, for its unique brand identity and design concept. Through various channels of communication, last month they finally found Show to present their collaboration case. At first, Show was very shocked, and after talking more, did he find out that they had been observing for a long time, and they even said that they want to wear Stage when they are performing. Currently, they are discussing the details about increasing the size, and at the quickest, Show’s Stage will appear on the streets of Manhattan at the end of the year.

Buying a house in Japan to do business

Besides America, Show is also planning for the brand to enter in outlets in Tokyo, and he has vowed that by the end of this year, he will get Stage to sell in Harajuku. He is already in talks with his good friend in Japan who is a real-estate agent to buy a house in Shibuya and Minami Aoyama to use when he will be in Japan doing business.

Houses in Tokyo are expensive, and Show expressed that currently, the houses he’s confirmed are quite small properties. Friends have also suggested that he can separate it, so he can rent out one half. How much money has he prepared? Show waved his hand saying: “Aiyo, we’ll see la!”

Helps carry luggage; Stella Chang grateful

Earlier when Show headed to Singapore for a charity event, he bumped into Stella Chang. Stella revealed that she and Show aren’t familiar with each other, but he left a deep impression on her, because in the past, when she just fell pregnant with her first child, Show helped her carry her luggage, without knowing she was pregnant, and this made her very touched. Towards this, Show said: “Didn’t know Stella Jie (sister) was pregnant, but guys helping to carry luggage is expected.”


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