Confession of a Wandering Soul

Ethan Ruan surprisingly hit on; Cheryl Yang happily smacks butt

Posted by diopatra on June 23, 2009

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

Ethan Ruan & Cheryl Yang earlier went to Singapore to promote their drama ‘My Queen’ and met with over 2000 fans. However, one female fan said to Ethan: “Come back to my house,” and this shocked Ethan so much that he fell back and ended up sitting on the stage. He laughed saying: “She looked so serious, so bold, really scared me there.”

As soon as the 2 got off the plane, there were hundreds of fans waiting for them at the airport. During the 3 days of promotional activities, everyday, there would be fans renting out vans to follow them. Outside their hotel, there would also be fans waiting 24 hours around the clock. Fans even provided whiteboard pens so that when the 2 were rushing off to their notices, they could communicate ‘via writing’.

2000 fans were present at the fan-meet event, and the 2 each acted out roles with fans. Cheryl and her fans acted out the part when Dan Wu Shuang found out about Luca’s age, she immediately kicked him out. So to ‘kick Lucas out’, Cheryl kept smacking the male fan’s butt, and this made everyone in the audience laugh.


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