Confession of a Wandering Soul

Koda’s “Lick me♥” #1 Downloaded Song

Posted by diopatra on June 23, 2009

July 8th is the day “3 SPLASH”, Koda Kumi’s brand new single, hits stores and online retailers. Have you ordered your copy?

Advance downloads of the song “Lick me♥”, one of the six songs included on the single, have been made available, and reached the top spot on RecoChoku’s weekly ranking chart after holding the top spot for six days straight. The song is a cute, pop track that has already been featured in commercials for Koda’s “KODA KUMI FEVER LIVE IN HALL II” performance.

Two songs are available for online preview before the single’s release next month, both “Lick me♥” and “ECSTASY”. The other songs are called “INTRODUCTION”, “INTERLUDE”, “Hashire!”, and “OUTRODUCTION”. The DVD edition includes music videos for “Lick me♥”, “ECSTASY”, and “Hashire!”. We can’t wait to hear it!



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