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Lin Chi Ling & Terri Kwan appear at same event; clarify rumours with Jerry Yan

Posted by diopatra on June 23, 2009

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Jerry Yan’s 2 rumoured girlfriends Lin Chi Ling & Terri Kwan yesterday bumped into each other at the Celebrity Charity Dinner, as they appeared within 10 minutes of each other. The 2 both boldly praised Jerry’s singing, but they also clarified their rumours with him. Terri helplessly said: “We’re really just friends.” And Lin Chi Ling, with a dignified expression on her face stressed that she had never accepted any financial benefits from Jerry: “Since I was little, I was taught that girls must be self-disciplined, self-respected, self-loved, this kind of thing will not happen on me.”

The 2, who often appear at high-fashion events, because of Jerry, have turned into ‘rivals’ without even knowing each other. Yesterday, when media asked about the other, their reactions were not very warm. Terri replied: “Met a few times but not familiar with each other.” And Lin Chi Ling commented: “Never heard about her rumours with Jerry.”

Actually, although Terri dressed like a goddess yesterday, she did not change her straightforward personality. When media used ‘him’ to replace Jerry, she didn’t pretend to not understand and avoid the question, rather she replied: “Are you talking about Yan Ba (her nickname for Jerry)? I’ve never been caught together with him, we’re really just friends.”

As for the usually beautiful Lin Chi Ling, she was dressed in a white top, and jeans and looked very handsome. And after patiently answering many questions regarding Jerry, the high EQ her could only smile wryly and say: “Who’s press conference is this really?”


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