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Prime-time battle of the ex-FinKL stars

Posted by diopatra on June 23, 2009

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source: E daily
Translations: dramabeans

Former ’90s pop group FinKL kick-started a couple acting careers, namely with Sung Yuri and Lee Jin, who are set to star in competing dramas this summer. (Fellow FinKL member Ok Joo-hyun has had a successful career as a musical actress, while Lee Hyori — well, no explanation needed for her.)

Sung Yuri’s drama Swallow the Sun airs first, premiering on July 8 and taking up residence in SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday broadcast slot. Lee Jin will join in the ratings battle a month later with her horror series Hon [혼], which means Spirit or Soul; it also stars Lee Seo-jin.

In Swallow the Sun, Sung Yuri plays a young woman whose family meets with ruin and decides to head off alone to the States to study and make money (which probably explains how she ends up in Vegas). She’ll form a love triangle with a rich chaebol’s son (Lee Wan) and orphan Ji Sung. (And we’ve got at least five clichés right off the bat! Poor girl studies abroad and works to support family, has a chaebol suitor and forms a love triangle contrasting rich and poor.)

Meanwhile, this is Lee Jin’s second summer horror series in as many years; she appeared in last year’s summer horror anthology series Hometown of Legends. In Hon, she plays the prosecutor girlfriend of Lee Seo-jin’s criminal psychologist character. The story that begins when the soul of a murdered high school student enters the body of the main character.

Swallow the Sun has the higher budget and the bigger hype, but I’ve never really been onboard with the story. Too bad I don’t have the stomach for horror, because I’d throw my vote to Hon / Soul.


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