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Can Marian really play Darna better than Angel?

Posted by diopatra on June 25, 2009

I truly believe that Marian is without a doubt one of the good looking faces in Philippine showbiz. She has a strong personality and she doesn’t back down on anything she believes in.

Those traits in itself are very commendable, but give me a break, after MariMar and being a mermaid, make her fly? Why oh why? What are the network executives thinking?

Ok, I get that you cast her as MariMar, she can portray that innocent girl by the seashore routine. She can get away with that, put in a couple of really good actors as support and it’s a done deal. That I can take and understand, but you also have to understand that you can cast anyone fresh-looking and up-and-coming young actress in the MariMar role. It’s not rocket science after all. And that is the reason that virtual unknown Marian Rivera got the role and the network hit the jackpot.

I also understand that after the semi-success of “My Best Friend’s Girlfriend”, she was cast in another already iconic role of ‘Dyesebel’, (do you see the pattern yet? Oh you will, it gets much better). Who can’t play a mermaid? Just teach an already semi-successful talent some diving lessons, a dash of internalizing the role of the already boorish ‘fish out of water’ routine and you are good to go. Put in some semi-expensive sets (I can still remember the styrofoam sets made out to look like an underwater setting, it’s really hilarious – two words people – particle illusion. Learn it)

Then, of course there’s ‘Obra’, ‘One True Love’, ‘Desperadas’, and her fit to a tee role as Nieves in Shake Rattle and Role X. The role after all was about this mataray woman who gets to scream, shout and be mad at almost anybody whether engkanto or not, perfect for her if I do say so myself.

Then came the flop that needed a massive PR campaign which is ‘Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang’. Her portrayal of Proserfina was something the public didn’t understand. It was like a weird role, even for her standards. I have to give her an A for effort though, the script was either too avant garde and way ahead of its time or the network has been spoon feeding the masses with shows that excite them visually that when you give them a cerebral show like this, they just didn’t get it. They only had themselves to blame for its failure or as the PR spin doctors would put it, the network simply had ‘a communication failure’ with their target audience. (Yeah right)

Now for the good part, knowing that Marian is no good at roles that isn’t larger than life, I bet she won’t get cast in a primetime show as an ordinary human. And of course, I was right. If she isn’t talking to herself or to the dog Pulgoso, she is swimming and daydreaming under the sea as Dysebvel. And now, what better way to cash in on their semi-star as a new role as Darna.

Of course, leaving no stone unturned, they had to combine it with a surefire Richard as Captain Barbell.

As if to say, if Marian fails or sucks as Darna, at least the ladies have Captain Barbell as eye candy. And from a marketing perspective, they are right. Only thing is, they are under an assumption that their chemistry will be a hit. Wait a minute, wasn’t their movie ‘My Best Friend’s Girl Friend’ a flop? With all due respect, it wasn’t Richard Gutierrez’s fault. In fact, he is one actor that got the amor of her father and the street smarts of her mother and use it on the roles he portray.

Of course, Filipinos specially the C, D, and E market segment will still watch this TV series when it comes out on TV, but will it be significant for the television industry? Probably not. It will be one of those programs that come and go and will profit but not really create a socio-economic impact as say, ‘Sic O’Clock News’, ‘John and Marsha’ or heck even ‘T.O.D.A.S.’

I just wish the alternate stations like TV5, RPN 9 and Solar get it on with their unique programming to offset the really poor (albeit profitable) TV programs the leading (but not necessary good for the TV industry) networks are providing the public. The alternative networks are coming up with programs that really help the TV industry because truly, it’s not all about profit. It’s also about our industry’s future.

Can she portray it better than Vilma Santos, definitely not. Can she play it better than Rosa Del Rosario who portrayed Darna in 1951, not likely. Can Marian portray Darna better than Lorna Tolentino did in 1971, uhm—let me think…No.

Can Marian portray Darna better than Nanette Medved did in 1991—hmm, this makes me think. But I’d say, maybe if Marian can really internalize the role of a scantily clad woman flying in the sky with a handkerchief in between her legs. I’d say she can at least tie Nanette’s performance.

So can Marian play Darna better than Angel Locsin? Probably not. Heck, I’m not even sure if Marian can beat the performance of Dolphy in his 1979 ‘Darna Kuno’ performance.

Good luck Marian, there’s nothing better than to portray an iconic role that was portrayed by the country’s best actresses like Rosa Del Rosario (1951), Eva Montes (1964), Lorna Tolentino (1977), Vilma Santos (1980), Nanette Medved (1991) and Angel Locsin (2005).

Now that I think about it, I think Katrina Halili’s performance as the ‘Black Darna’ in 2005 would be more convincing than Marian’s upcoming portrayal of the real Darna. If not for the scandal, Katrina is without a doubt the next logical and perfect Darna after Angel but alas…

I certainly hope Marian knows how big the role is and the big shoes she has to fill. It’s not just a role, she will be in an iconic role that could either make her one of the best in the roles or the least qualified for the role. The network can only do so much, most of the success in these types of roles rely on the actor or actress. Let’s just hope Marian doesn’t crack under the pressure, because if she does, the network has a lot of stars lined up ready to take her place.

Will Mars Ravelo be proud of her performance? We will just have to wait and see



6 Responses to “Can Marian really play Darna better than Angel?”

  1. joy said

    let see…!!! BUT…MAS BAGAY TALAGA ANG DARNA FOR ms. angel locsin….!!!

  2. rustan said

    No,beco’z.i think angellocsin is only DARNA in GMA 7 that GMA 7 proud.and marian is only baguhan than angel locsin.angel is DARNA! and angel is many endorsement than marian.angel is pretiest,brightiest,and so kind even if she’s now next for STAR FOR ALL SEASON !

  3. starshine said

    yes….better not to under stimate someone that we dont know mas lalo pag hindi mo alam ang kanyang kakayahan…ang pagdadarna ay hindi nakukuha sa tagal or baguhan pa lang just wait and lets see

  4. tweety said

    kahit di ko pa napanood ang darna ni ms. marian rivera,i’m pretty sure na di nya kayang talunin si angel locsin to portray a role as body palang perfect si angel locsin,proportion ang hugis ng acting,higit na mas magaling ang acting ability ni angel character naman taob parin si marian rivera dahil sa kanyang pagiging palengkera.

  5. Inggs said

    mas bagay sa Marian ang Darna, look at the concept drawings, di hamak na mas malapit sa pangangatawan ni Marian ang mga to, may abs. Di tulad kay Angel na puro liempo at pata ang nakikita ko.

  6. ding said

    mas sexy si angel locsin as darna compare to marian rivera,ang panget ng body ni marian di proportion,sobrang laki ng mga pata nya at ang liit ng mga legs.

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