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Charice cries over showbiz upsets

Posted by diopatra on June 25, 2009

MANILA – International singing sensation Charice appeared tearful before viewers on a top entertainment show as she recounted all her struggles and failures when she was just starting out in the music industry.

In an exclusive interview with “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon,” Charice told the show’s host Boy Abunda that she had almost given up singing when she was 12 years old. She said she became upset when people had belittled and mocked upon joining ABS-CBN’s “Little Big Star.”

Charice, who started joining singing contests at 7 years old, said she was the first to audition for the show’s pilot episode and was also the first “Little Big Star” grand finalist. She chose “How Could You Say You Love Me”, popularized by Singer Sarah Geronimo, as her audition piece.

However, all her excitement faded after she performed the hit Regine Velasquez song “Shine” and was booted out of the show, which came as shock to the young singer.

“When I lost, I saw other people laughing at me. It hurt me really bad. I did not want to say anything but I wish they will appreciate what I have accompished now,” Charice said, while wiping her tears.

Charice admitted she became depressed and didn’t leave her room for almost 2 weeks. At the time, Charice refused offers to rejoin “Little Big Star” as a “wild card” contestant.

The YouTube sensation said her mother had convinced her to give the show another try. “She said ‘winning is not everything but what is important was that they try everything to showcase their talent’,” she said.

When Charice reached the Monthly Finals of “Little Big Star”, things gots worse. She said a lot of people questioned her talent, as well as her age. Some alleged that Charice was 14, above the show’s age cut-off, though she was actually 12.

” I felt like I had so many enemies. One time I told my mommy to forget about it. I thought of giving up. But my mommy told me that I have to go on,” she said.

The petite singer shared she had received harsh criticism from others, who told her that she would not be popular because she had no “star quality.”

” They said I will go nowhere, I am not pretty. That hurt me too. I told myself at least I reached the grand finals. This ugly face reached the grand finals, ” she said.

Charice eventually ranked third on “Little Big Star.” She admitted that she was saddened by the result because she had originally hoped to win the top prize in order to help ease her family’s financial troubles.

” I thought to myself, so what now? Even f I won [third place ], the prize that I won is not really enough [to support us],” she said.

Adding insult to injury, Charice said her schoolmates had mocked her after failing to win the big contest. ” When I arrived in school, they were making fun of me. That I was a loser. When I heard that, I told my mommy I wanted to quit but my mommy told me I just need to wait,” she said.

As her emotional crutch throughout her life, Charice’s mother has definitely been the force behind the country’s newest singing superstar. The mother-and-daughter tandem even have a special song for each other – “Maghintay Ka Lamang”, originally performed by Ted Ito in 1991.

The road to fame has not been an easy journey for Charice, but she said all the mockeries, hurdles, and difficulties were worth it. She is now in the country to promote her second album under Star Records titled “My Inspiration.”

She is also busy rehearsing for her upcoming concert “Charice… The Journey Begins” with Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez as her special guest. The concert will be held at SMX Convention Center in Pasay this coming Saturday, June 27 at 8 p.m.


Please note: The italicized texts are the translations of the original Tagalog texts. Please refer to the source above if you wish to read the original Tagalog texts.


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