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Charlene Choi refuses to use botox

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

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Yesterday Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) appeared as the “Happy Angel” for a clothing brand catwalk show event. Not only did she teach the kids how to pose on the catwalk but also taught the foreign CEO Cantonese phrases. As to Gillian Chung using botox shots to make her legs thinner, Ah Sa said she had no intentions to do this herself. “Currently I don’t have the urge to do this and don’t think it’s necessary”. (Does that mean Gillian needs to have it done?) “She is a spokesperson and has always wanted to improve the shape of her legs. I did ask her whether it was it was painful but most important is that she is happy”.

During the event, the host asked her which 3 things made her most happy this year? She said “The first thing is going to Denmark to shoot an advertisement. The second is using my own name to release an album”. As for the third, she stated that it was meeting her idol Clive Owen at the Shanghai Film Festival earlier. “When I saw him I couldn’t believe my eyes. When we took photos together I felt very happy. My heart never felt my heart beat so fast!”. The reporter asked if her heart will beat just as fast when she is with rumored boyfriend Ronald Cheng? She smiled and didn’t answer the question.


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