Confession of a Wandering Soul

Kara: “We will become a worthy group.”

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

Link: dcnews
Link by: Mae
Translated by Tinggg @ Karaholic

After an idol group is produced by a managing company, if there is a long blank time, not only is it hard to survive in the music field, but it’s very dangerous to your whole entertainment career. Especially if the blank is nearly a year between the debut album and the next one for an idol group, which makes it unimaginably burdensome for the members and brings despair to the public. Moreover, idol group stars are usually really young and haven’t really solidified their positions int he industry, which could thus be fatal.

Kara came out from DSP Ent, which producecd famous names such as Sechskies, Fin.K.L, Click-B, and SS501. Thus the expectations of the public were enormous. However with the debut of similar groups like Wonder Girls and SNSD, their potential shrank and people interests faded. Even worse, the lead vocal of the group Kim Sunghee left for personal reasons.

However they showed perseverance. The strong performers that had caught the attention changed to a relaxed Kara in July, revealing a transparent, sweet and loving group of girls on stage. To fill the loss of Kim Sunghee, we can’t forget the addition of new members Koo Hara and Kang Jiyoung.

After their nervous blank period, they shouted to their fans “we are here!” and kicked off activities. Their presence is slowly being felt in the music market, and are quickly making steps towards becoming mainstream.

Q: Let’s talk to the three of you about the first album. Although you caught attention by debuting as the “2nd Fin.K.L”, you weren’t able to get the popularity you hoped for.

Gyuri: We weren’t able to get the reviews we wanted because we couldn’t find our own color. With Break It, If U Wanna, Secret World, they all had different styles to show you something unique about Kara, but instead it kind of confused the feeling we gave off. So in this new album we’ve worked really hard to find a more exciting color for Kara.

Q: During your first album you participated in the program .

Seungyeon: The Showvival program ran on a really tight schedule. Every week we had to prepare a new stage and the choreography and songs were hard with all our broadcasting too, it was all too much and stressful. There was also a Showvival on the radio. Although everything about it was so hard, being part of the precious opportunity helped us learn about how hard it was for other singers as well, and we’ve learned our own short-coming. So it’s a chance for us to be re-born.

Q: I feel like with this show you gained more female fans, which is rare for female idol groups. It helped build a fan base right?

Gyuri: The image of us while preparing for Showvival was struggling and having difficulties, and we even made mistakes. However, I think seeing this image helped people more easily feel more connected and closer to us.

Q: After promotions on the first album ended, main vocal Sunghee left the group. Team changes are really difficult, how did you handle it?

Nicole: The rest of the members thus prepared really hard for this next album.

Gyuri: Sunghee was just an ordinary friend, but she was a really good one, so when she left we were all exremely worried, so we all practiced really hard. However, in our first performance for the comeback of our mini album, we felt we couldn’t really show our results. In the future we hope to really show our continuing improvement to everyone.

Q: What did each person do during the blank 10 month period?

Seungyeon: Gyuri and I went to school. We were preparing for our college entrance exams so we worked really hard in class. And I also continued to practice dancing.

Gyuri: I learned the drums and piano and even took an interest in songwriting, so I studied a lot for that.

Nicole: I trained a lot and started going back to school again.

Q: To train and go to school must be really hard.

Gyuri: Though Seungyeon was busy with MSL Break, Nicole and I were worried that we had nothing to do. So I had to have self-discipline. It wasn’t a time spent in vain, and in fact was quite helpful.

Q: When there’s a long downtime, many groups give up, yet you guys were able to come out with a new album. What was the difference for you guys?

Seungyeon: It’s really important to have faith. Though we debuted with our first album and then had a long blank period of struggle, we can’t feel like we lost and didn’t do well. Then when we stand back on stage, when the album comes out, when Kara has activities again, I can feel proud of what I did. You have to try really hard and trust yourself and not think things like “let’s give up here, let’s stop now.”

Nicole: I believed that this wasn’t the end. So I have to prepare for whenever the opportunity arises again and practice a lot. Anything I had to do, I did.

Q: After the downtime, you changed from a 4-person group to a 5-person one. What points have changed?

Gyuri: You can see that the atmosphere is not brighter. The average age has gone down, and the average height has gone up!

Q: Who raised it?

Gyuri: Maknae’s height is raised.

Seungyeon: And she lowered the age.

Gyuri: Such helpful friends. Treasure. Also with 5 members now, whether it’s in the dorm, traveling, or during interviews, it is much more lively. They’ve definitely helped lighten the atmosphere. The drawback is…um…there is none. Is there anything? Showering time has gotten longer?

Nicole: Yes, showering time has gotten a bit longer. And we have to wait a bit longer at the hair shop.


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