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Lee Minwoo is most nervous when his album goes on sale and when it’s his first stage performance

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa +

Singer Lee Minwoo shared his thoughts about the release of his new album via his Cyworld minihompy.

On 23rd June, Lee Minwoo posted a diary entry on his minihompy, saying “Today’s the birthday of the Minnovation mini-album,” and also “If there are nervous moments, it’s when the album goes on sale and when I have my first performance”, clearly displaying his excitement.

“The reason I can’t get to sleep.. It has to be a good present, that’s what I’m hoping.. Because of that… Tonight is going to get even rougher,” he wrote.

Lee Minwoo told Star News on 24th June in an interview that he’s been using his minihompy and online messenger more regularly. “I understand that I can communicate more closely with my fans through my minihompy, so I’ve been leaving messages and uploading photos, and sharing my stories with the fans.”

“I thought that the online messenger can only be used for chatting, but I found out recently about convenient features such as file transfer. It’s fun to find out about these new features.”

He added, “In fact, I used to think that the computer is used mainly for producing music, but now that I know about the new features, I’ll make use of them to communicate more actively with the fans.”


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