Confession of a Wandering Soul

Mark Zhao had test shots for “Hot Shot” but was rejected

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

Source SINA
Translated by Elvenstar @

Mark Zhao debuted with the help of his fathers name Zhao Shu Hai and also with the nurture of director Cai Yue Xun. While PTS’s “Black and White” is becoming popular, his career is also following. This in actual fact isn’t his 1st drama experience, previously he had test screens for “Hot Shots”, but was rejected by comic ritz production team. Comic Ritz at that time couldn’t see the star in front of their eyes, missing out on the “golden chicken” Mark Zhao.

From Canada returning to Taiwan to do test shot

Comic Ritz will each year in Canada hold the “Sunshine boyz” competition, Calvin Chen through this entered into “Fahrenheit”. Mark Zhao said ” Comic Ritz asked my dad to become a judge, they heard that he had a son who was quite good too so asked me to come for a test shot”. From there Mark especially flew to Taiwan, He tried for the part “Qi Xiao Yu” who was in Jerry Yan and Xiao Zhu’s small group of followers.

The role was too plain so I gave up

Mark’s test shot performance went pretty well, comic ritz had intentionally wanted to sign a management contract with him but in the middle of negotiations both sides couldn’t come to an agreement. Within the drama “Hot Shot” Zhao Shu Hai played the part of Jerry Yan’s father, but his son failed the test shot, Mark said ” at the beginning I had a discussion with my father, we felt the character “Qi Xiao Yu” was too plain and there wasn’t any chance for development so I didn’t act in it.” Towards passing off Mark Zhao, Hot Shots producer Wang Xin Gui said ” I remember Mark Zhao coming for a test shot, but what’s lost and what’s gained it doesn’t matter anymore!”

His obsessive compulsive disorder revealed

The popular ratings of “Black and White” has helped drive the business for what’s to follow; the DVD, portrait book, the launch of the T-Shirt, stationary and other merchandise. Mark Zhao and Ivy Chen on the 24th had photo taken for promotions, Ivy revealed Mark has “obsessive compulsive order”, for example when eating chewing gum he needs to eat 2 pieces, when watching the TV he needs the volume at 6 or 8, Mark said “Maybe because am a Libra, everything needs to find its balance or else psychologically I feel uneasy.”


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