Confession of a Wandering Soul

Xiao Zhu secretly donates $500 000NT to the Baduo junior football team to go to the abroad championship

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

“Xiao Zhu” Show Luo has just publicized his photos of his home including his kitchen, internet area and gifts room have all been revealed. Besides sharing his private secrets he also shares his love, out of his own pockets he has donated $500 000NT to help the Badou junior football team to enter the competition abroad, to fight for the country’s glory!

Xiao Zhu doing charity, receives a thank you card

Xiao Zhu a month ago had seen the news report on TV that the Badou junior football team had no money so couldn’t take part in the abroad championship, the children showing their disappointment said “practicing for so long but we have no way to compete it really is hard to take.” At that time Xiao Zhu felt a burst of sadness.

At once he got his manager to to contact the school, to express that he was willing to provide funding for the football team, anonymously sponsoring the $500K to help fulfill the children’s dreams. After the school found out the sponsor was Xiao Zhu, the children decided to personally write a card to show their gratitude. Xiao Zhu receiving the thank you card, felt really touched, as it was today that the football team headed to Malaysia to participate in the 2009 cobra cup football championship he used the announcement blackboard to write “Jia You!” and posted the photo onto his blog to help cheer for the football team, ” you must bring back the trophy!”.

Empathizes with people who can’t pay the school fees and have to leave school

Coming from Chilung, he has a special passion towards Chilung, and on top of that Xiao Zhu seeing the football team’s situation feels personal gratitude. He recalls when he entered into the Hua Gang arts school of the drama department, he had 5 days of lessons but because his family couldn’t pay the tuition fees, he had to give up his dreams and voluntarily leave school, he said ” seeing the children’s disappointed expression, I totally understand.”

Xiao Zhu’s strength to help “support” the football team, comes from the continuous support from the fans, his international fan club [SPC] has already been established for 1 year, Xiao Zhu has taken in the fans as his “family”, publicizing his most intimate pictures of his home. According to reports, Xiao Zhu has a cleaning habit, within his house it is spotless, so strict that he can’t withstand a stand of hair. When he is out of the country doing events and isn’t at home he will still insist that every week there will be someone to clean the surroundings, he said “even if there is no one there, there is still dust!”

House full of dolls, going online, playing toys playing companions

His most private place is his bed and his toilet, even his mum can’t “share” it, his mansion has a toilet especially for guests, while each room has distinct functions, the kitchen has a dining area, in the livingroom you’re not allowed to eat, the internet also has a exclusive area and in the internet area it is filled with dolls and toys “play companions”


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