Confession of a Wandering Soul

Charice was set to sing with Jackson

Posted by diopatra on June 27, 2009


Source: ABS-CBN

MANILA – Following the death of Michael Jackson, the Philippines’ teen singing sensation Charice has revealed a secret: she was supposed to guest in the King of Pop’s comeback tour this July.

“I’ve heard in the news ‘Jackson is dead’. I said ‘Jackson who?’ Then I saw his videos being played, i felt sad,” said Charice. “Because Michael Jackson, even though he haven’t seen me, he chose me to perform in his concert.”

She said she was supposed to join Jackson next week in rehearsals for his comeback world tour.

Charice recalled she was attending a private party of Warner Brothers when Jackson’s lawyer approached her and told her that Jackson had picked her as special guest for his last concert.

“He introduced himself to me ‘I’m the lawyer of Michael Jackson’… He said, Michael Jackson chose you to be his special guest in his world tour, I was so stunned,” she said.

Jackson’s lawyer reportedly said that “The King” had watched her during her guestings on Oprah.

Jackson picked Charice after watching a YouTube footage of her singing “Billie Jean” while doing the “moonwalk”.

“Right away, he said, ‘I want this kid!’” said Charice.

Jackson was reportedly planning to do a Billie Jean duet with Charice while they do a dance showdown.

“From that, I felt that he is kind,” said the singer. “Because I am just a newbie and he is already a legendary singer.”

Charice said she is still thankful for Jackson’s gesture.

She added that she will pay tribute to the King of Pop in her first solo concert to be held on Saturday.


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