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KBS Music Bank Accident Much More Severe Than First Reported

Posted by diopatra on June 27, 2009

Initial news reports over the collapse of KBS Music Bank’s lighting structure and SHINee leader Onew’s subsequent fainting understated the chaos and severity of the whole debacle. Netizens are suspecting that KBS is trying to keep their endangerment of our favorite pop stars on the down low, but in the Internet era, constricting information on a public event is a near-impossibility. Fancams which show the extent of the accident are starting to pop up, with fans of all groups appalled at the music show’s lack of care for their dangerously large equipment.

The video depicts that the equipment did in fact fall all the way to ground level, possibly endangering both staff and our favorite stars. We can see that the performers were directly involved in the incident by the photo above (one can spot Super Junior’s Yesung and Sungmin, amongst others), and in the fancams above.

Notes from the videos:
[0:30 bottom video] We can see Onew limping around in the encore due to his injured ankle from the “Juliette” performance.
[1:00 top] [1:08 bottom] Though we cannot see the light falling directly, we can infer that the light fixture began to fall somewhere around here, from the fans’ screams and the flurry of pop stars running from the light.
[1:31 top] [1:28 bottom] We catch a glimpse of staff holding up the perilously unstable light fixture.
[1:31 bottom] Onew is clearly woozy, leaning lifelessly on his manager. Netizens are suspecting that his injured ankle, the screaming fans, the chaos of the falling structure, and the overall overworked schedule of a K-pop star all contributed to his fainting.
[2:20 bottom] SHINee’s manager carries the fainted Onew off the stage.

Fortunately, other than Onew (who is stable and resting), nobody was hospitalized. But the potential danger from a falling light structure, coupled with KBS’s immediate attempt to cover up the entire incident, is very disconcerting for all K-pop fans.

credits: allkpop


when i heard about Sungmin’s accident tripping over some props, i thought its just one of those “clumsy” days.

then heard about the falling down of equipments, thought is was just a small part of equipment that Siwon and Kyuhyun can handle.

then Onew slipped during perofrmance then sent to hospital because he collapse on their waiting room after performance, i thought he was just stressed.

but now seeing the fancams and reading fan accounts who were on the studio during the show make me re-think of the incidents. all the incidents happen in one night, on one show, what the heck is happening?

Even a clumsy star, wont tripped on props if the it was organized. sungmin was sent to hospital too and have few stitches, that’s why he’s limping during Boys Generation performance and didnt dance during noraego/sorry sorry performance.

falling down of equipments, damn it, the equipment was huge. i doubt if kyu and siwon really catch it, because anyone impulse would run away from falling equipment that huge. good thing no one was severely injured, though fan accounts reportedly some people got bruised. MUSIC BANK or any show should double or triple check everything before the show. this is obviously a negligence.

Onew slipped during performance and have twist his ankle. fan account says the stage was still wet after 2ne1’s umbrella performance. if a certain artist using some water on stage, isnt it common sense to atleast let that performance be the last? they are not the only artist who’s going to perform. i’ve heard its not only Onew who had slip on the wet floor. Props to Onew that even though his in pain he still continue performing. but with pain he’s in, and shock of the accident of falling equipment, i think his stress, result to distress, that’s why he fainted. no he didnt faint on the waiting room but faints on the studio. we can see his manager carried him piggy-back to the waiting room.

hope this accident serve as lesson to Music bank and other shows. and to think that they even tried to cover it up, that makes me really angry.


One Response to “KBS Music Bank Accident Much More Severe Than First Reported”

  1. justin tan said

    SUNGMIN WAS HOSPITALIZED TOO. he got stitches for the big cut on his knee. he came back to perform in the show. he still danced but not as much as he does when not injured.

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