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Taiwanese TV star Ethan Ruan, known for his bedroom scenes, says his smooches reveal much about his feelings

Posted by diopatra on June 27, 2009

HE BLUSHED when reminded that the Chinese media has been calling him King Of Bed Scenes and Taiwan Stallion.

‘I’ve only had bed scenes in two dramas, how can that make me king?’

That was the shy reaction from Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan.

The scenes in question are a steamy romp with actress Chen Qiao En in last year’s Fated To Love You, and an equally hot scene with Cheryl Yang in Queen Of No Marriage.

The first was only 10 minutes long, but it was enough to make Fated To Love You Taiwan’s most watched drama of all time.

Since they were aired, netizens have flooded Internet forums with gushing and even lustful comments.

Even his co-stars have joined in the praise.

Taiwanese online news portal Liberty Times recently reported that Qiao En praised Ethan for his ‘exciting kisses’, saying he was the best smoocher when compared with other actors such as Blue Lan and Ming Dao.

Cheryl too, reportedly said she she enjoyed Ethan’s ‘playful kisses’ as opposed to those she shared with one of the series’ supporting actors, Wen Sheng Hao.

Ethan first burst into showbiz in a music video for singer Penny Tai and subsequently made a name for himself starring in music videos for artistes like Stefanie Sun, Jolin Tsai, Fish Leong and S.H.E.

His pretty boy looks soon moved him into the drama scene, with his first series, Michael The Archangel’s Dance five years ago.

First leading role

But it was only last year that he won his first leading role, in Fated To Love You.

And it has made him one of the top Taiwanese stars today.

The 1.84m-tall actor is also a model who has graced the covers of magazines like Elle, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar.

Despite all the blushing at last weekend’s media appearance, Ethan revealed he was comfortable when shooting the scene.

‘A veteran actress once told me that you can never be too into a scene,’ he said.

He added that as long as he is professional about it, he would put his heart and soul into the scene so that the chemistry between the two actors is believable.

But does he carry that ‘electricity’ into real life?

Said Ethan: ‘Taiwanese girls are shy by nature so I’ve honestly never heard any comments from my girlfriends.’

‘When I kiss someone I am always communicating something. It could be asking her if she likes me or telling her how much I love her. Maybe that’s what makes them feel special,’ he added.

As to how he keeps girlfriend Tiffany Hsu’s jealousy in check when he canoodles his leading ladies, he put it down to the Eurasian model-actress’ ‘trust in my professionalism’.

That’s probably the easy part.

The difficult part would be to deal with the numerous proposals – many of them indecent – that total strangers have made to the actor.

He’s been getting them since he was 16, he said, when women in their 20s would offer to buy him luxury items such as cars in return for his ‘company’.

‘I thought they were out of their minds. I told them that I was satisfied with my financial situation and didn’t need or want their money,’ he said.

He also added that although he doesn’t mind his fans’ amorous comments, he would always treat their interactions ‘with respect’.

‘For some strange reason, my fans are very pretty. But I believe in engaging in proper behaviour at all times,’ he said.

Having said that, he also admitted to always having been long-time friends with his love interests first, before jumping into a relationship.

‘But when I commit and we are a couple, let’s just say I’m not the kind to procrastinate,’ he said with a grin.

The quiet confidence that Ethan exudes, however, has less to do with his toned physique than his increasing popularity.

He confessed that he hates going to the gym and relies only on his favourite sport, surfing, to stay in shape.

Numerous acting opportunities and endorsement deals have come knocking on his door, with the latest being from American fast food conglomerate McDonald’s.

He recalled how he had a small part in a McDonald’s commercial seven years ago, which coincidentally was shot in Singapore.

But the NT$20,000 ($890) he was paid then is a far cry from the NT$1 million endorsement deal he recently signed with the burger chain.

Said Ethan: ‘I am very grateful to (Taiwanese TV station) Settv for producing two excellent dramas (Fated To Love You and Queen Of No Marriage) and casting me in them.’

Addressing rumours that the TV station had written the series with the idea of milking his sex symbol image, Ethan remained ambivalent as ‘that is indeed one side of me’.

‘However, I do hope people get to see my multi-faceted personality. I’m one of the goofiest geeks around as well,’ he said with a laugh.

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