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A date with ‘Hot Issue’ 4minute, “We’re curious about them~

Posted by diopatra on June 29, 2009

Credit: EDaily SPN
Translation: chungalung@4-minute

Since their first performance on the 18th, there has been a lot of interest.
The group that former Wonder Girls member Hyunah is in has been grabbing a lot of attention.
Now, after giving brilliant performances that you cannot take your eyes off of, 4minute has captured the public.
It was unbelievable that they were chosen to be clothing models recently, but it is even more unbelievable that they are guaranteed $100,000 for it.
We met 4minute on the 20th at MBC.
On the stage, they showed charisma; offstage, they appeared innocent.
This left deep impressions in our minds.

9:00 AM – Before the rehearsal
If they listened to their manager, then they had practiced until dawn the night before, but 4minute still seemed lively.
Maknae Sohyun said, “Before I debuted, there were many times when I stayed up all night practicing. I didn’t sleep. I just washed up and immediately went to school afterwards.”
The way she said that seemed like it was nothing at all.
Rehearsal was scheduled to begin at 9.
To a brand new group, rehearsals are just as important as the real stages.
Was it because of that?
There were hints of nervousness on the members’ faces.

11:30 AM – In the midst of preparing for recording
As soon as the rehearsal ended, they entered preparations for recording.
Then, they advanced to the pre-recording of their performance at MBC.
The members’ hair and makeup took almost one hour.
Every member had two staff members sticking by their side, moving very busily.
The waiting room was filled with many people who were watching, so it felt like a war.
Hyunah said while laughing, “We only have to sit still, so it’s not tiring for us at all.”

1:00 PM – Beginning of recording
As 4minute’s recording was about to begin, workers gathered in the studio one by one.
They talked about how great of a group 4minute is and how 4minute will succeed.
While they were in the studio, the big “4” that was part of the setting on the stage was illuminating.
As the introduction of started, everyone in the studio stopped breathing and they watched the stage.
This day’s stage was the third, and it was much more appealing.
Especially the charismatic Jiyoon, whose skills were as good as Hyunah’s, stormed the stage in such a manner that she caught everyone’s eye.
When ended, applause exploded everywhere.
Thumbs were also raised.

2:00 PM – After the recording ended
“Today’s stage was fun, right?”
This day’s stage was rather a success.
As Hyunah got off the stage, she said, “That was fun,” to the other members and showed her satisfaction.
Although she doubted herself on the first and second days and even cried, the other members loved being up there.
Hyunah said, “Unni, you were very impressive on stage,” to Jiyoon, who showed an amazing performance.
Jiyoon laughed and replied, “YOU are impressive every day.”
4minute enjoyed this day’s recording.
They slept, ate, listened to music, and cherished the remaining time that they had to rest.

5:30 PM – Back to the practice room
As soon as MBC Music Core ended, 4minute went back to the practice room.
The members said, “Whether we have a schedule or not, we have to practice at least two hours every day so that we can feel at ease.”

“Even though we’re a team that is still lacking, we will continue to improve,” 4minute said with bright smiles.


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