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Crystal Liu: I have someone that I like

Posted by diopatra on June 29, 2009

June 2nd, after 4 years, Crystal Liu revisits “Behind the Story.” Her slightly revealing red dress made her look even more mature and beautiful. In the show, she reflects on the changes in the last four years, and for the first time, admits that she already has someone that she likes, but refuses to reveal anything about the other person.

Wants to thank Jackie Chan the most
In 2008, the only 20-something Crystal Liu became a part of Hollywood through the “Forbidden Kingdom,” and the show gave her a chance to work with international superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Though close pictures with Jackie Chan caused rumors, Crystal Liu didn’t seem to be caring, and frankly admits that Jackie Chan is the one she should thank the most: “He gave a a lot of help. Jackie Chan gave me a lot of confidence. He would magnify my advantages and often compliment my acting.”

Huang Xiaoming and her calls each other “gugu/auntie,” “guo’er”
At the same time when Crystal LIu and Huang Xiaoming’s “The Return of the Condor Heroes” caused explosions, they also became good friends in real life. He even said that Crystal Liu is the type of girl he likes. THe host connected with Huang Xiaoming, who’s filming the “Summer of Bubbles.” After commecting, Huang Xiaoming calls Crystal Liu “gugu,” and Crystal LIu replies with “Guo’er.” After Crystal Liu expresses her thoughts of thankfulness, the playful Huang Xiaoming joked,” Gugu’s problems are Guo’er problems, don’t worry.”

Admits she already likes someone
Crystal Liu admits for the first time: “I have someone I like,” and shocked everyone in the audience. But when asked more information about the other person, Crystal insisted on not saying anything.

translations: idarklight@cfensi


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