Confession of a Wandering Soul

Joe Chen who has acrophobia, was escorted up the ferris wheel by Blue Lan and Roy Chiu in celebration of ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ high ratings

Posted by diopatra on July 1, 2009

Source: Wowonews
Translation: Ocean168 @

‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ drama obtained high ratings again and on 28 June, the ratings was 4.36 high. On 29 June, TTV arranged for the cast to board the ferris wheel for celebration. However, Joe Chen who has severe acrophobia asked to be excused.

Blue Lan after hearing and together with Roy insist and accompany Joe Chen to go up the ferris wheel and said that it was also his first time on board the ferris wheel. The two guys were very thoughtful and knowing that Joe is afraid, create conversation to divert her attention and Joe Chen was touched by their gesture and said that it is the first time the three of them get together in a room. Blue Lan even revealed that while cycling yesterday, he noticed a big stone in front and he wanted to put the stone away in case others slip and fall but unexpectedly while picking up the stone, there was a turtle and the turtle even urinated on him and Joe Chen jokingly said he will prosper then.

In the next episode of ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, Joe Chen will go through a transformation from a village girl and this make-over made Joe very happy that she can be dressed beautifully. However, in this drama, Joe Chen said it was the most tiring as they have to travel long distances to capture a scene. Just filming Blue Lan’s house alone, there are a few places; the dwelling place scenery is in Nantou, the living room scenery is in Tainan and the filming of the bedroom is in Taipei.

Joe Chen who hates long travelling, begged the director as much as possible to film in Taipei and she would rather act more bed scenes.

Quite a number of internet fans complained that Blue Lan and Jocelyn Wang have too much intimate scenes and neglect Joe Chen. Blue Lan smilingly replied that the director revealed that besides fighting scenes, Blue will be transform into a strip star! And he ask the audience to wait a moment for the really interesting part to be shown.


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