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Lee Minwoo is now “grooming the second Shinhwa”

Posted by diopatra on July 1, 2009

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa + Shinhwa Philippines +

Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo has attracted attention with his announcement that he is currently grooming the second Shinhwa.

During a recent interview with Star News, Lee Minwoo said, “I’m now grooming a batch of new singers, and my goal is to groom a second Shinhwa.” Lee Minwoo has been involved in production since setting up his entertainment management agency MRizing Entertainment.

“The title song has already been chosen. I hope to create a boyband-group like Shinhwa.”

He further explained his point of view, “The concept of the new groups these days tend to overlap, and it’s difficult to do well. The attractiveness of the pop music of this generation has declined, thus it will be very important to find a distinct color to the group’s music.”

When asked about the driving force behind his challenge to create the second Shinhwa, Lee Minwoo said, “Because the Shinhwa members all believe me.”

Lee Minwoo also expressed his hopes, “The relationship between the Shinhwa members is such that, for every one thing any of us receives, we will give two things in return. Because of this implied agreement between us, we have faith in each other’s music and performances. Being an original member of the original Shinhwa, I hope that I can groom them in such a way that they grow with some of our distinct characteristics, and it will be best if they can be a source of strength to us in future.”

Lee Minwoo has just released his new mini-album ‘Minnovation’ on 23rd June.


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