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Press apologizes for Show Lo’s false online dating scandal

Posted by diopatra on July 1, 2009

Source : Yahoo News

Various publications have expressed their apologies to Show Lo for their untruthful reports on his “online dating scandal”.

Soon after TVBS Weekly published its apology for its fabricated report and defamatory remarks made with regards to the recent scandal, Hong Kong’s Oriental Sunday followed suit.

Three female models and a Hong Kong girl, Fanny, exposed their cyber relationships with the Taiwanese singer, damaging his reputation instantly. Lo’s talent management later sued the publications for these reports that they claimed were false.

Lo was quick to brace himself again, and thanked his fans for their support. “I have already let the matter pass and forgiven the girl who has cheated me.”
Over this period, Lo’s popularity was not affected. According to reports, Lo started re-engaging fan club members earlier this month and the number of registrations surged over ten thousand within a week.

To thank his fans, Lo decided to call every member personally on their birthday to send his wishes. He also intended to call 100 lucky members this month. The entertainer “warned” his fans not to treat him as part of a swindle syndicate when they receive his call.


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