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Ayu’s First Drama Theme Song in 6 Years!

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

Ayu’s next new song, “Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~”, is set to be the theme song of a new drama called “Dandy Daddy? Renai Shousetsuka Izaki Ryunosuke” (Dandy Daddy? Romance Novelist Izaki Ryunosuke), which will begin showing on July 9th at 9 PM on TV Asahi.

The last theme song Ayu did was in 2003: “forgiveness”, for the show “Kougen e Irasshai” (Come to the plateau). “Dandy Daddy?” stars Tachi Hiroshi and Minamisawa Nao, and tells the story of a romance novelist who writes about the freedom to find love but takes a very conservative stance when it comes to his own daughter’s love interests.

“Ideally I want to do my best to write a fitting theme for a summer drama,” said Hamasaki. “The main character is a man who talks about love, so the theme should also be about love. No big artist can do that like I can, I was shocked to realize! The music is fantastic, and both the staff and the stars are really pleased.”

The “Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~” single is set for release on August 12th. The a-side track was written by Hana Nishimura, with lyrics by the one and only Ayu.

Credits: music japan

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