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Criticized for not attending the Golden Melody Awards, Jay Chou: Next year I will definitely go

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Jay Chou received a lot of criticism for not attending this year’s Golden Melody Awards. Yesterday in Beijing, he expressed that he didn’t purposely not attend, but it was because he had already signed a contract for his concert, and he couldn’t break it. JVR issued a statement saying that when they found out about the date of the awards in April this year, they had already planned his schedule. Next year’s awards have been announced and will be held on the 26th of June, Jay promised that next year he will definitely attend!

Jay received criticism for not attending the awards, even Mayday’s Ashin expressed: “Towards awards, everyone loves it but is scared at the same time; people should give encouragement to those who give effort, don’t look at it as a strict standard, and ponder whether or not to attend.”

After achieving his dream of winning the ‘Best Male Singer’ award, Jay finds it very hard to believe: “I’ve never had much hope on winning that award, I have confidence in my music, but towards singing, I must still work hard.” He is thankful for the judge’s affirmation, and after being in the industry for 10 years, “I feel I am very lucky, able to get this award at 30.”

Jay previously said: “Golden Melody Awards is a game.” He expressed that in the past, he was very afraid of failure, and after countless times of being nominated for many awards, but not winning, he began to reflect on himself: “What is true winning?” He then realized that his family and fan’s affirmation is much more important than winning awards. Now, Jay is only missing ‘Best Lyricist’ in the Golden Melody Awards, and Jay expressed: “Vincent Fang is me, and I am Vincent Fang. It’s best if he wins it, I don’t expect to win this award, but if I do, then it’s also nice.”

Tonight, Jay will be performing in a concert at the Bird’s Nest with Song Zu Ying, Domingo and Lang Lang. He will be showing off piano and guzheng skills, collaborating with a 200-membered Symphony Orchestra.

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