Confession of a Wandering Soul

Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhao discusses fashion, girlfriend

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

Source : UDN
translated by fewfew @

Although and did not go head to head, both super popular male leads, Ethan Ruan and Mark Zhao, appear on July fashion magazines. Xiao Tian (Ethan) wears Adidas, being fashionable and sporty. Mark Zhao on the other hand wears Prada to show his handsomeness. The two of them compete to see who is manlier.

Questions regarding their love life are unavoidable. Mark Zhao, who has a face full of integrity, reveals that he actually also like sexy women. Whenever a woman lifts her hair up while with her back facing him, her elegant back figure accompanied by her long neck, it would always make his heart beat faster. Xiao Tian, who is in a steady relationship with Tiffany Xu, complements himself proudly for being an outstanding boyfriend, saying that he would always do anything for his girlfriend.

The two dramas, and , which aired back to back, both did very well, making Ethan Ruan a star who guarantees to draw in ratings. Although he has become a hot star now, his ex-girlfriend exposes his private life, yet he openly admits his past relationship with her. He expresses sincerely, “Everyone needs love, especially when you’re an actor. How could you possibly not have any love relationships? The least I can say is that for every girl I’ve been with, I’ve tried my hardest. I dare to say that I’m a super outstanding boyfriend. There’s nothing that I can do if the other party must say anything about our relationship after it’s over.”

Ethan Ruan says that because he has worked with Director Niu Cheng Ze in before, he has gained a lot. This time, he accepts the role in (/Moungar) without even reading the script first. He has been studying for his role. Other than taking Taiwanese language lessons, he has also observed the location, taken a look at how the leader of Mankah plays chess, and has gone to Taichong to consult with people who know the story of Mankah.

Mark Zhao, who has become famous overnight, wishes everyone to pay more attention to his inner qualities, and not just his appearance. His own personal goal is to become Takuya Kimura, whereby his performance would spark everyone’s eyes every time.

Love rumors regarding Mark Zhao come one after another. He takes this opportunity while shooting for the fashion magazine to express his criteria in looking for a girlfriend: “She doesn’t need to be too skinny. She must know how to cook and know how to tie a tie so that there can be more intimate interactions.”


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