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Fahrenheit: hotter together

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

Yahoo! News

Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen may have achieved amazing results and individually in their various dramas and movies but they still say singing as boy band Fahrenheit is what they enjoy most. Their latest album Love You More and More seeks to express their inner most gratitude to the fans. We catch up with them to pose some questions.

Q: The four of you are by now very familiar with Singapore. You’ve been here a few times to promote your albums and concerts, so what do you like most about Singapore?

Wu: Singapore is probably the country I visited the most since I was a child because it’s nearer (to Brunei). So I have many childhood memories about Singapore! Shopping and food. It’s a luxury to be here!

Wang: I like Singapore for its clean air and environment. Public toilets, floors and roads are very clean and well maintained.

Yan: I hope to be able to spend Christmas here. The festive atmosphere is great and the environment, clean and beautiful.

Chen: I like the clean streets, multiracial society, skyscrapers, and cosmopolitan city. Singapore is also very well connected with the world.

Q: Similarities and differences are probably a test of the band’s chemistry. How do you usually get along?

Fahrenheit: I think communication is the key, especially when we come from different walks of life. Chemistry definitely takes time to build up, but stage performances have indeed helped us become better partners and put up better performances.

Q: In this process, are there any conflicts? Four of you are all brilliant young fellows, each with eagerness and vigour, are there conflicts?

Fahrenheit: I think one benefit of being an all boys group is that big boys speak their minds. If there’s any displeasure, just voice it. It’s all for the better of our performances.

Q: You have been busy with your own dramas and movies in recent years but surprisingly you all are still tightly connected.. How do you guys keep in contact without any public awareness?

Fahrenheit: That is what the media portray us to be; as if we have disbanded. The truth is that the four of us always gather in private. We are only working individually when each of us has to promote our dramas, but when we release an album, we will be tied together for three to four months. It is not like what the media says about us, each developing our own career.

Q: Let’s talk about the album Love You More and More. This is an interesting name. Is there any special meaning?

Fahrenheit: This is our third album and also is an establishment of the foundation, hoping that our fans will love us more and more. It is also an expression of our loves and passion for this job. The same-titled hit song is a bridge between the fans and us.

Q: You have also visited the Down Syndrome Association at Bishan to visit the patients this time round. Everyone has different understanding of charity purposes; some thinks it is a big thing, others may think it begins with you. What is your understanding about charity?

Chen: We don’t have to shout out when we do charity, but I think as public figures, we are also public role models. When we start doing it, our supporters will follow our footsteps, and I think that’s great. There is no need to join any community organizations, charity organizations, and so on. It can begin around you.

Q: I believe you also mean caring for your family. How do you communicate with your family when you are so busy? Especially Wu Chun, you are so far apart from them.

Wu: I can only give them a call whenever I’m free. When I go home every year, it’s usually for less than a month, so time is always very precious. I will ask my company to inform me of any short breaks so that I can make a trip home.

Wang: I grew up with my mother, so whenever I travel, I’ll get very uptight and I have to call her several times a day.

Yan: I’m usually very relaxed and happy when I’m with my family because time spent with them has decreased so I try not to show my stressed up emotions at home.

Chen: My elder sister got married last October and I’m the only boy left at home now. My parents seem to think that their boy has grown up and can be depended on. So I am now responsible for my parents and am their anchorage.

Q: Fahrenheit have let their warmth and also the strength of love show in their music. We hope this sincerity will lead to smoother careers. Thank you.

Fahrenheit: Thank you!


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