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Horikita Searching for ‘Perfect Photo Opportunity’ for Love

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

The actress Horikita Maki (20) attended the opening ceremony of ‘”PHOTO IS” 10,000人の写真展2009 (lit. “PHOTO IS” Exhibition of Photos Taken by 10,000 People 2009. Open from June 26th to July 2nd)’ at Tokyo Midtown in Minato, Tokyo. This is the 4th time that the ‘participatory’ gallery was held, and this year 10,399 photos submitted will be shown at exhibitions in 20 different locations with varying schedules.

Horikita also participated in a different project that was held along with ‘PHOTO IS’, called ‘著名人の心に響いた100展(lit. 100 Most Memorable Photos Chosen by 10 Notable People)’. She chose photos that shot heartwarming family moments, and smiled while saying “I admire close families. Although I haven’t any plans for the near future, I’d like to have a close family too.” Asked about her ideal type she answered “A kind, gentle person who’ll make a good father.” The reporters then quipped if there had been any ‘perfect photo opportunities’ for romantic relationships. “I also will like to know when those opportunities will come. I’m always on the lookout, ready for a chance.” The reporters prodded a little further by asking if her ‘camera’ was still out of focus. Horikita smiled shyly and answered “Yes, it still needs some adjustments.”

Credits: Music Japan

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