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Jerry Yan Looking Happy, Ella Melancholy and Drunk

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Jerry Yan Looking Happy
Ella Melancholy and Drunk
[Issue# 423, Next Weekly]

Even Ella who had the most MAN personality within S.H.E also had moments when she could not hold on any longer!

This magazine caught a picture of Ella, looking sad and melancholic, drunk heavily while having dinner with Jerry Yan, Xiao Xian and Michael Zhang. Furthermore, recently she had cried in secret due to great stress and even beating herself on the head while hiding in a car. In contract, Jerry Yan who had always been melancholic looked very happy. Obviously since his mood had improved greatly since he started to go the more approachable route.

Ever since filming for the drama [Down with Love] started, Ella with her heavy workload was so busy that she was close to exhaustion. Earlier, she got drunk while dining and drinking with the rest of the cast and had to be taken home by her sister who lived with her. As for the melancholy Jerry, not only was he able to hold his drinks much to everyone’s astonishment, he was smiling from beginning to end. The behavior of these two people was extremely contrasting.

Heavy Drinking during Dinner with Sake Bottles Strewn over the Table

On June 25th at about 10 pm, at the “Shi-er Shao” Restaurant located on Civic Blvd in Taipei, this magazine witnessed the cast and crew of [Down with Love] having drinks and dinner together, including Ella, Jerry Yan, Xiao Xian, Michael Zhang, Chen Zi-han, director Ke Yin-zheng and others. Ella, Jerry Yan and Xiao Xian sat closely to each other and were chatting throughout. The number of empty sake bottles on the table also piled up higher and higher as the dinner continued.

Around 11 pm, Ella went outside the restaurant to make a phone call and then went back in. In the early hours of June 26th, a totally drunk Ella staggered out the restaurant with the support of her sister who then drove her home. After Ella left, the rest of the group also followed Xiao Xian out of the restaurant. Jerry Yan first gave Michael Zhang a hug before patting his shoulder and saying goodbye. According to the owner of the restaurant, Ella’s group, once they got into the spirit of drinking, had ordered 30 to 40 bottles of sake. Jerry Yan was even seen commented with teary eyes that: [we are really like a family. I will put more time into this drama…]

Too Much Stress Led Ella to Hit Herself

Meanwhile Xiao Xian kept comforting Jerry Yan: [We really hope that you would be happy. As long as you are happy, we would be happy too.] Ella who really was not very good at holding her drinks yet still went around toasting everyone, even sentimentally expressed: [I hope this drama would never end!] Perhaps it was because of everyone’s encouragement that Jerry was very happy. The cast revealed that due to the earlier hectic shooting schedule, they were not able to celebrate Ella’s birthday properly. In addition, Director Ke had to take a three-day leave of absence, therefore they specially arranged for this dinner gathering. The cast were also aware that Ella was truly exhausted recently.

Through investigation, when Ella was shooting in mid-June, she had a touch of heat stroke due to the hot weather. Furthermore, she was also suffering from menstrual pain at the same time. As a result, she ended up hiding and crying in corner on the set. She had expressed her exhaustion in her blog entry “Today I Cried”. From understanding, Ella who had a reputation of being a “little sun” even hid in a car and beat herself on the head in order to relieve the stress that she was feeling.

The crew revealed that when Ella was shooting, not only she had to encourage the adults, she also had to cajole Xiao Xiao Bin who was distracted by the heat and forgot his lines. Normally, other than treating everyone to cold drinks, she even had to walk to the convenience store herself to buy cold noodles to replace the lunchbox that was hard to eat because of the heat. Furthermore, earlier she was also busy with the Macau concert, dance rehearsals for corporate performances, shooting the HEME facial product ad, MV and personally drawing sketches for the S.H.E new book [The 3 Spas of Love]. There was little wonder that even she with her strong will, would become totally drunk when she had the chance to relax in a dinner gathering.

As for Jerry Jan, his temper had been obviously improved since he started to shoot [Down with Love]. Other than having pretty good tacit understanding with the crew members who he had worked with before, it was also because of the bubbly Ella who would take the initiative to show care and to tease him. All that led Jerry who always worn a cold expression on the set before to slowly lower his defense to Ella. Not only he would joke around with the cast and crew, he would also go along with promotion gimmicks such as holding up Xiao S during the KangXi concert in Shanghai. Such behavior was the extreme opposite of what he had displayed in the past.

Ella’s management company expressed: [During the dinner gathering, Ella was not drunk. She was only too tired and wanted to sleep. Therefore, her sister who was living with her came to pick her up.] However, she noted that in S.H.E’s new book, there was a paragraph from Ella that truly could be a footnote to the “little sun” that she had personally drawn: [I am a little sun…but I don’t have as much energy, brilliance or heat as the real sun, I can’t address the world’s needs like the real sun and say yes to everyone’s requests.] This fully illustrated the sad side of her portraying the role of the bearer of happiness.

6 Responses to “Jerry Yan Looking Happy, Ella Melancholy and Drunk”

  1. ruijian said

    oh ella,.. somehow i sense that behind those smiles are a feeling of hidden agony,.. and still in search for that very person who can cure your heart in vain..

  2. sxyfatso said

    Ella dear…it’s ok to cry..that’s what humans do..people will always love you no matter what…including me…

  3. panda-eyed-every-monday-night said

    🙂 dear ella. :)sunny smile.

  4. abby said

    The first time I watch Jerry Yan is the drama meteor garden wherein he got the role of the leader of the F4, from that point on I feel in love watching him over the screen no matter who is his partner. I will always cherished the day I watch him.I read his part of his biography and maybe the reason why I adore him just b’cuz its really connected to my experience.Fighting….
    Hopefully he can come here to USA so I can have the chance to meet him in person…

  5. karen said

    hi you know im so very inlove with u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. celebrity news…

    […]Jerry Yan Looking Happy, Ella Melancholy and Drunk « Confession of a Wandering Soul[…]…

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