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4minute does Tell Me

Posted by diopatra on July 6, 2009

It wasn’t so long ago, well almost 2 years ago, where the Wonder Girls made a big splash with Tell Me in 2007 and the rest they say is history, as they are now making headlines all over America as guest performers for the Jonas Brothers concert tour until the end of the year.

Many wondered what might have been if Kim Hyun Ah had not left Wonder Girls before Tell Me due to health issues. Well, 2 years later, Hyun Ah is now fully recovered and back as part of Cube Entertainment’s 5 member girl group, 4minute. We were given a taste of what might have been as Hyun Ah performed a shortened version of Tell Me with her fellow 4minute members on the 2nd July episode of MNET M! Countdown for the Countdown Heroes segment.

A breakdown of who’s playing who.

Hyun Ah – Sun Mi & Yoo Bin
So Hyun – So Hee
Ga Yoon – Ye Eun
Ji Yoon – Sun Ye
Ji Hyun – Generic dancer

source coolsmurf

One Response to “4minute does Tell Me”

  1. hye mi said

    poor leader she dosent even sing.

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