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FT Island impresses ‘Primadonna’

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

Credit to: Newsen +

FT Island (Song Seunghyun, Lee Jaejin, Choi Jonghun, Choi Minhwan, Lee Hongki)’s girlfriend ‘Primadonna’ hosted their first event.

FT Island’s official Fanclub Primadonna’s event occurred on June 28, 2009 at 6PM in Jang Choong Gym in Seoul with fan’s warm love.

‘Primadonna’ means opera’s number 1 singer, but in this case it means FT Island’s number one girlfriend. At this Fanclub’s event they had the concept of ‘Making girlfriend, making boyfriend.’

On this day, FT Island members did a physical test, private life test missions and individual events to attract ‘Primadonnas.’

For the very first mission, physical test, all members passed the Push-up mission. Next, the members did a sense test where they individually had to do a mission.

The missions FT Island participated in were sexy multiplication table, leg separation, whistling after eating bread, etc.

Also, to find out about the members’ private lives, Primadonnas searched all the members’ bags. In Jaejin’s bag, there were English and Japanese books so Primadonnas were admired while in Seunghyun’s bag, there were Porn DVDs so the fans were shocked.

Also, on this day of the Fanclub’s event, FT Island’s 5 members had a talent show showing off their individual talents.

First, Drummer Minhwan made Vocal Hongki nervous by singing Buzz’s ‘Thorn’ (Gahsi). Then Guitarist Jonghun amused the fans by playing the sweet ‘Canon in D’ with his electric guitar.

On the other hand, Vocal Hongki turned into a rapper and performed MC Mong’s ‘I’m Still a Man.’

Vocal Seunghyun played Yiruma’s ‘Kiss the Rain’ on piano and captured fan’s hearts.

Lastly, Bass Jaejin performed Radio Head’s ‘Creep’ live with his acoustic guitar.

Because of their 5 different individual personalities, the fans were in tears because they were touched.

At this event, the fans chose Choi Minhwan as the best boyfriend.

After spending around 2 hours to attract their girlfriends, ‘Primadonna,’ F.T. Island members finished the event off with a video letter that expressed their feelings.

The members finished off the event by saying touching statements such as “It’s okay if you guys had fun,” “We’re sad that we were nervous a lot but we don’t regret anything,” and “We will have a better time at the next event” and singing ‘Primadonna,’ a song on their next special album.

FT Island members left for Japan for a concert on June 29th and are going on their Asia Tour in different countries including Thailand, Taiwan, and Shanghai. For 4 days from June 25th to June 27th, FT Island had concerts in Singapore.

FTIsland 3rd Album will be releasing this July.


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  1. -_____- Seung hyun oppa.... said

    Seung hyun had porn DVDs? I hope he was just kidding… -____-

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