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IU holds her 1st fan signing event

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

IU who has been labeled the young diva, held her 1st-ever fan signing event last Sunday, 5th July at the Hot Tracks outlet inside Kyobo Book Centre, Seoul.

The fan signing which lasted for over a hour saw IU signed 150 albums for fans who bought the album at the store on the same day. Besides the lucky 150, over 100 fans also crowded the store to get a glimpse of IU as well. The demographics of her fans included teens below 20, adults in their 20s and even middle-aged guys aged 30 – 40 year old. There was also an army boy who sacrified his valuable booking out time to attend IU’s fan signing event. Besides getting their album autographed, all 150 fans got a handshake with IU while some brave souls got to take a photo with her.

Loen Entertainment said, “We have been receiving lots of requests to organize an official event since IU begun her promotions. So we decided to organize this to thank the fans for their support.” IU herself expressed, “I was kind of nervous but yet anticipating it because it helped in bringing the distance between me and my fans closer.”

source: coolsmurf

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