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Jiro Wang: Straightforward – The Key To My Life

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

Source: Color Magazine, July 2009
Translated by catalie @

Working with Cyndi Wang

Lately, Jiro Wang has been busying filming the idol drama <Momo Love>. After a few days’ rest, Da Dong went from a pale look due to suffering from gastro-enteritis, back to his energetic expressions, “Everyone, there’s no need to worry!” Furthermore, lately he has had to start practising judo for the drama and feels that he looks very man! The more he learns, the more interested he becomes. During his leisure time, he’ll even show the actions to his colleagues, “Doesn’t it look [like the real thing]? It’s been a long time since I’ve been so interested in these sports! I didn’t think I’d enjoy flipping people and getting flipped!” He laughed very happily!
Jiro, who started learning judo for the first time, actually started sweating not long after. He said, “I don’t feel very tired. I hope that in the first lesson, I’ll be able to master the basic movements.” For the new drama, Da Dong cut his hair short. This is the first time his hair has been cut so short since he started out in showbiz. Even though it was heartbreaking, as soon as the director requested, he listened and got it cut. His new hairstyle has been getting quite good comments from his friends and hearing everyone say, “You look so much younger, like you’re only around 20,” maked Da Dong very happy.
Speaking of what knowledge he has gained from filming lately, Da Dong said, “This is the third time I’ve worked with Director Qu [Winnie]. Each time, he teaches me lots of things like patient work makes a fine product. So I’m really looking forward to working with him again.” Furthermore on the set, there has been the non-stop sound of laughter from Da Dong and Cyndi Wang. it turns out, their cold jokes are very compatible; no-one else understands them. They can both laugh in high spirits with tacit understanding, “Even though we haven’t worked together for long, we immediately understand each other’s humour. This is really miraculous!”

I haven’t changed at all…

Although <Momo Love> started filmed not long ago, as soon as they started at the end of last month, they had to do a “triathlon” type scene. It turns out, Da Dong’s character has to display his heroic qualities, rescuing someone in the river. This scene seemed simple but actually took an entire day to film. First, Da Dong had to ride for 5-6 hours then from the river, run back before jumping into the river to save someone, it was like travelling from the cradle to the grave. Even though he ended up with a couple of cuts and grazes, Da Dong said, “It felt like we were filming a police action film, it felt very cool!” Having filmed many romance dramas, Da Dong was very enthusiastic about being able to test the limits of his physical strength, “Now when I’m working, I feel full of energy. In the past, I felt troubled my rumours and gossip but not anymore. I feel that entering showbiz makes one stronger.”
What rumours have troubled you the most? “Probably the type that say I’ve changed! Because I don’t think I’ve changed at all; I still have the same ways of thinkings and the same goals.” To the current Da Dong, what are those goals? “Actually, they’re still the same as before. I hope I can let my Mama have a happy life; that I can try different roles; and the rocker dream I will never give up on! It’s just that I find it very strange, why do people think I’ve changed?”

Misses carefree days of the past

“Over time, some aspects of one’s personality change while other aspects don’t; what about you?” He thinks about it and says, “What hasn’t changed is that I still push myself! Now, I still call my Mama everyday to let her know I’m well. Even if I’m unhappy that day, I’ll still tell her, ‘Don’t worry! Your son is very man!’ What’s changed is perhaps I think more! I didn’t have that many worries before! Sometimes I really miss playing in a band, having no more than $3000, a guitar with soundbox, having band rehearsals and performing with everyone; even when we were on the roadside and there were only 10 or so people watching, we were still really happy. At the time, we didn’t have much money but we didn’t have to think too much. As long as we were striving towards our goals, we were fine! Now, deep inside I’m still that kid that loves rock music but in showbiz, you have to force yourself to grow up quickly. I also hope that I can pass each day with no stress but I chose my career as an artist so I have to take responsibility for [my actions].”

Love: Can Mention; Can’t Let Go

Lately, is there anything you really want to do, but can’t? Da Dong says very straightforwardly, “Yes! Falling in love! (Ha) Actually, I really do want to find love, really. I want to but I don’t dare to. First, I think, will I have the time to be with her? Secondly, right now I just work everyday. I’m surrounded by the same people, will I have the chance to find this person?” As he is being interviewed, Da Dong is eating the strawberry toast we prepared for the photoshoot, “I really love eating this! Simple things are the best!” He smiles happily saying, “Falling in love ah! Previously I had my heartbroken really badly. At the time, I’d often call my friends up at 3 or 4 in the morning and talk until I’d be choking with sobs. But unless I did this, I really couldn’t sleep. Or else I’d ride my motorbike while crying and shouting. I’m a person who falls very deeply in love; the type that will actively really want to be with her always. Sometimes I feel that I’m really naïve like that, so perhaps it’s a good thing I don’t have a chance to fall in love! That’s just so ironic…” Da Dong’s straightforward nature has never changed. He’s still that boy that once wished to become a Super Sayan. Just like he said, he’ll always be thinking too much in the middle of the night, the more he thought, the more troubled he’d become. In the end, it became a habit to just think about the occurrences of that particular day. “Once, I almost got depression,” he says. Both strong and weak, Jiro Wang just pushes himself but in the end, he hasn’t changed.

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  1. aicxy said

    Da dong so cute!!! Who dare break your heart!!

  2. clarisse said

    i really really want to see you in person here in the philippines…and im willing to be your absolute girlfriend..:-)

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