Confession of a Wandering Soul

Lost among Fahrenheit, Danson Tang wants to terminate contract

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

Danson Tang signed under GTV ever since he entered the industry, but he’s ever only been able to be Fahrenheit’s supporter on the side. Outside rumours suggest that he feels very helpless that the boss doesn’t support their own. Plus, earlier he was sent to China to film, and now there are rumours that when he returns to Taiwan, he wants to terminate his contract.

Danson is GTV’s signed artist, but in every idol drama, they have supported Fahrenheit members to be the main leads, and Danson has always taken up a supporting role, never being able to be male lead. Lately, GTV has begun filming new dramas ‘Momo Love’ & ‘Love Buffet’ but the cast list doesn’t even have his name, and they even sent him to China to film ‘Armour Warrior’. Rumors suggest that he is very unhappy, and wants to bring forward his contract termination date. Towards this, Danson’s manager denied these rumours, and expressed that Danson and GTV’s relationship has not changed.


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