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Sony Chooses 4minute’s song as MP3P’s Theme Song

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

Source: INews24
Translations: chungalung@4-minute

On July 6, Sony Korea chose the new 5-member girl group 4minute’s song, “Music”, as their MP3-player Walkman’s theme song. Sony’s recent Walkman brand chose the actor Ryu Seungbum.
They used the slogan “Walkman goes crazy because of the music” to capture the hearts of consumers and show a positive outlook.

Sony Korea’s Walkman product manager Lee Sangwoon said that “We’re looking for many ways for the Sony Walkman brand to provide the best mood for enjoying music.”
He also said that he’s “looking forward for 4minute’s fresh, friendly image and their music to match well with the company’s aim.”


One Response to “Sony Chooses 4minute’s song as MP3P’s Theme Song”

  1. lychandesu said

    thank uu for sharing~..
    4minute is really making it big… after debut ne.. hehhe


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