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‘The Partner’ Drawing Growing Attention

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

The new KBS2 legal drama “The Partner” has been receiving a good response, with its viewing rates increasing. In the third episode on July 1, Kang Eun-ho (Kim Hyun-joo) and her partner Lee Tae-jo (Lee Dong-wook) won their first case together where a brother was suspected of killing his half-sister.

The case showed that the two can be perfect partners, as Eun-ho approaches a case with a warm and sincere heart and Tae-jo uses cool-headedness to secure evidence. They succeeded in convincing the jury that the defendant Jeong Jae-ho killed his sister by accident when everyone else believed that he committed the crime on purpose, thereby leading the jury to deliver a “not guilty” verdict.

Eun-ho said in the last proceeding, “The law I know is not something hideous that creates innocent victims but something benevolent that listens to and cares for people falsely accused. We should not create even one innocent victim even if that means having 10 criminals on the loose, and the defendant Jeong Jae-ho is the very ‘one’ man we can save.”

Her line demonstrates the purpose of the drama — to depict lawyers who people want, that is, those who work for justice rather than money or fame and put finding the truth before anything else.

The performance of An Seok-hwan playing Jae-ho’s father also caught viewers’ attention. When he said, sobbing, “I want him to get punishment, but please forgive him. I feel hatred toward both the one who was killed and the one who killed. But they are all my children,” it touched the hearts of not only jurors in the drama but also viewers.

Viewers wrote messages on the drama’s web board, saying, “I shuddered to watch An’s performance. It just made me cry with him,” “The drama gets more and more interesting with speedy development and a well-structured story,” and “It’s like watching a real court case.”

The fourth episode on July 2 also kept viewers engaged as it pitted Tae-jo against his brother Young-woo (Choi Chul-ho) in a case where a secretary of an executive at a large company was murdered.

“The Partner” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55 p.m.

source: KBS

One Response to “‘The Partner’ Drawing Growing Attention”

  1. anastassia said

    I reallu do AGREE with you. This drama despite its holes in the subplot and the side character, buts the leads story and the leads acting and the leads plot is SURE VERY amazingly done and written!

    Its hard to find a k dramas that based on the works oriented plot. Most of kdramas is a LOVE STORY that used works related subject to emphasized on the love story. PARTNER is different. Its is a LAW DRAMA which has a human drama, conflict, love as its background.

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