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Wang Zi (Prince) tries to kiss Fan Fan, making Blackie very jealous

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

‘Lollipop’ has been busy holding 2 concerts in Hong Kong. During the second concert, Wang Zi (Prince) actually tried to kiss Fan Fan, making boyfriend Blackie, who was in the audience watching, very jealous!

For the second concert, Fan Fan was the special guest, and performed a piano duet with Wang Zi. The close co-operation between the 2 made Blackie very jealous, and at the celebration party afterwards, he joked: “Seeing Wang Zi secretly pucker his lips at Fan Fan, wanting to kiss her made my whole body want to jump up!”

That day was also Xiao Yu’s birthday, and the other members had already secretly recorded a VCR to give him a surprise. When Xiao Yu saw this, the usually cool him couldn’t help but tear up. When the concert was about to finish, fans were over-excited, and actually pulled his belt off and undid his buttons, making his pants slide down over 10cm. This made him so scared that he rushed off stage, it was very embarrassing.

Fan Fan will also hold a concert in Hong Kong in August. Yesterday, she expressed that she hopes to invite good friend Cecilia Cheung to join her onstage. She smiled saying: “I’m not afraid that she’ll steal the limelight, but if her husband Nicholas Tse and son Lucas come as well, then I really have to admit defeat!”

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