Confession of a Wandering Soul

Ariel Lin’s CD holds a hidden surprise, Joe Cheng scrambles to buy it

Posted by diopatra on July 8, 2009

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

For the release of Ariel Lin’s solo album, Liu Yue openly ordered 100 copies, Figaro showing his support ordered 50 copies and her “on screen lover” Joe Cheng has also expressed his support!

Personally packaging CD randomly sending out happiness

Ariel Lin’s album “meeting happiness” will be released on the 10th, yesterday she headed to the CD packaging factory to personally write out 10 small cards, randomly putting them into the CD’s to give her lucky fans a surprise, she said “these cards were collected one after the other, and I spent a whole afternoon on them, in every card the written content is different, I hope the fan that buys it will get a surprise and the feeling of happiness,”

The first time seeing her own completed album, Ariel was ecstatic, it was written all over her face, she couldn’t resist and begged the staff to allow her to bring a copy of the album back home early as a commemoration.

Liu Yue and Figaro disregards everything buying 150 copies

For her album, her best friends spare no efforts, her and Liu Yue in “my secret garden” had acted as sisters, Liu Yue openly ordered 100 albums, and also within the same management company Figaro was also willing to buy 50 albums to give to family and friends. While Joe Cheng also supported his “on screen lover” Ariel, how much albums he bought remains a secret but it must be enough to satisfy his good friend.

As to releasing the album, up on stage she will try to do numerous promotions but off stage is the opposite, Ariel Lin expressed she was really embarrassed phoning up her family and friends to tell them she would be releasing a CD, “the pressure is really big, so embarrassing!”

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