Confession of a Wandering Soul

Facing Rumors, Ella Once Thought of Suicide

Posted by diopatra on July 8, 2009

Source: CDN News
Translated by: wyn0602 @ CEFC

Only July 31st, top female group S.H.E will be releasing their 70,000+ words and picture book, [The 3 Spas of Love]. The book will be available for pre-order at all FamilyMart locations and record stores starting July 7th. The pre-order will include a bonus CD with two new songs [Dream Field] and [Locking in Time]. At the same time, it will also include a bonus autographed S.H.E bookmark. Selina laughed: [Although the fans love us, we also encourage them to pay attention to their studies at the same time, just like me previously when I was in a relationship but still did not forsake my studies. With this bookmark, S.H.E will accompany you when you are studying hard.]

In this book, [The 3 Spas of Love], which contained recollections of their love, hate, likes and dislikes since childhood, the trio respectively recorded their most real and true thoughts and history. In a section titled [Grateful Lane], Ella who had the reputation of being a “little sun” and had always given the impression of being optimistic, enthusiastic and caring frankly admitted that she had once felt very very tired, tired of work, tired at heart, even tired of being a nice person…she who was not comfortable with complaining or letting others worried about her kept suppressing her emotions, until one day, she was reading a newspaper because she had already finished make-up and saw the article accusing her of being late, being a liar and putting on an act. In the past, these type of unfounded news, she would simply glanced at them and let it go but that day, the words stuck in her mind and caused her to have a total breakdown. After work finished, she immediately returned home, changed into simple clothes, grabbed her car keys, shut off her cell phone and sped aimlessly on the highway.

Ella sobbed as she drove, with her hair and make-up all messed up. She did not know where she wanted to go and felt absolutely wretched and weak. Furthermore, she started to question the reason of her existence. All types of thoughts flashed through her head, even a headline for the following day’s newspaper [Ella of S.H.E in a Fatal Highway Car Crash Yesterday]. She also had thought of what to put down for her will: “Must remember to sell the house and after the money is distributed among family members, remind them to spend sparingly.” Other than this pessimistic thought, Ella had also thought about leaving everything she had now behind and go wandering. All she needed with her was a pair of scissors and she could make a living cutting hair for people. Since she was very good at cutting unique half-watermelon-shaped hairstyles, there was no worry of her starving to death.

These types of thought persisted and did not change until S.H.E journeyed to Calcutta, India for World Vision. When Ella who had thought that she had been suffering saw the local people who were helpless against the circumstances of their lives and surroundings yet still working hard to live, she then truly realized what it meant to be in endless hardship. She also fully understood what it meant to be grateful for what she had as well as to realize that to be able to contribute was a great joy and source of happiness.

In order to coordinate with the concept planned for this book, S.H.E took a series of conceptual pictures while pretending to hide in a closet. They even jokingly named the two completed series of pictures as “Out of the Closet Giggling” and “Close the Door, We Really Want to Sleep”. With this book revealing so many of S.H.E’s secrets, staff members had lamented: [After this book is released, everything will be exposed. What are we going to do if there are no more points we could use as promotion ideas for new albums?] Upon hearing that, Ella responded: [Oh, that’s right! We can’t be ladybugs without any spots {points}. May be we should consider pretending to be a tree that has more branches {punch lines}.]

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  1. leu said

    i love you very much ella……….im always be one of ur million fans alla over the world….:)

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