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Oguri Looking Good with Shaved Head!

Posted by diopatra on July 8, 2009

Oguri Shun appeared at a press conference held after the preview event of the new movie ‘TAJOMARU’, in which Oguri plays the leading role!

People were surprised to see Oguri’s head cleanly shaved!!

Asked about his ‘hairstyle’ Oguri replied “I was told that I should say that this was meant to show my enthusiasm for ‘TAJOMARU,’ but actually that isn’t the case.”

Apparently he had to shave for his role in a TV drama currently being filmed. Even without his hair, the handsome Oguri still remained handsome.

Since it was near Tanabata, he also showed his ‘wish’! [Tanabata(七夕): Based on Japanese folklore, on July 7th people write down wishes on pieces of paper and hang them from bamboo branches (and hope the wishes come true)]

Oguri said “I wrote ‘I wish that I could become freer.’ I feel that the ‘freedom’ I have right now is not true freedom. I want to become ‘spiritually’ free.”

Let’s hope a ‘freer’ Oguri will become an even greater actor.

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One Response to “Oguri Looking Good with Shaved Head!”

  1. Ni said

    love Oguri ~3

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